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Cana Dorada, the film festival in Punta Cana

Cana Dorada, the film festival in Punta Cana

“When Hollywood meets Latin America”

I was honored to be invited to this event – Cana Dorada Festival – in a beautiful place, my first time in Punta Cana. Raquel Flores, Fernando Colunga and Julian Gil were the protagonist of this beautiful event.

I stayed at the breathtaking Resort Hotel Eden Roc Cap Cana. A very romantic place with beautiful sceneries. I highly recommend it! (Pic above with  Dolf Lundgren).

My first time in Cana Dorada Film Festival

This was the first year of many more to come for Cana Dorada Film Festival. The cream of the cream of Hollywood and Latin America were present to honor this event. Film producer Mark Canton was there to show us his final episode of the series “Power” Film director and friend Avi Lerner received an honor for his 50 years success in the film business. And also did a screening of his latest movie “Angel has fallen”.  Many actors and singers also present to support this event and the synergy of Latin America with Hollywood.



It was a big success with of course a lot of work behind it. Bravo to the organizers it took three years to set it all up. It was also non stop for us the inviters, they had a full schedule prepared.   I tried starting my day with a healthy breakfast and some workout then we would meet for lunch with a group of friends present but after that, not much time for anything else. We had to  get ready with professional makeup and hair that they generously organized for a few.  I got to work with the amazing David Deibis. At 6pm there was the red carpet photo call with interviews. Followed by the cocktail and movie screenings and after at a different location, diner presentation and after party…(haha) but overall definitely a lot of fun.


I loved the Latin American culture such  lively and fun people. The food was also amazing. It was fun to make some new friends and I will definitely be back to Punta Cana to enjoy this beautiful adventure.


See you soon,




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