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My personal New York

My personal New York

Let me tell you about New York…

We love It!!. We have an apartment there and fortunately we have to go sometimes for work so we get to spend a few days there 🙂

The last weekend we went to New York was for the promotion and Premiere of the film Pain and Glory. A must see of course if you haven’t yet!

So I got to spend a few days in this beautiful city so full of energy and life. We are usually there with a busy schedule but I always find time to do a few of my favorite things.

My favourite things and places in New York

I love going for a walks in Central Park to relax, make pictures, videos. There is this really cute place called Pain Quotidien where we often have breakfast or a coffee. Antonio and I also love to go for a runs in the park especially him to beat the jet lag before a long day of work.

New York is the best place in the world to see musicals on Broadway which we enjoy a lot. I can go for endless walks through town and discover new areas and witness all these different activities that fill the town.

There is always something or someplace new to see and discover. New York is filled with so many activities I just love it.

There are many amazing restaurants that we love to go to, one of them which I often go to is Tao. It has a cool atmosphere and very good Asian fusion food. Another one called Massa Bar has this amazing green tea cake which I really like and it’s Antonio’s favorite. I recommend you try it!

Shopping is amazing in New York

And of course the shopping is amazing in New York, that is if you have time for it, which I often don’t unfortunately. But you will find endless shopping streets and also cool areas like Soho for example.

I recently went to the Peninsula hotel with friends that showed me this really cool roof top terrace which had a really nice vibe and great view! Check it out.

Please don’t hesitate to give me your recommendations for our next trip. I would love to hear about them and discover new cool things to do or places to go to.

Last recommendation I got from a friend is a place where you will find one of the best cookies in town that is if you have a sweet tooth like me:)). It’s called Levain Bakery check it out!








To be continued….

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