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Oscars night 2020

Oscars night is one of the most important nights you can attend, but few know everything behind this famous event…

Preparation for the Oscars

For starters, I did my fitting in Barcelona for this dress as well, as mentioned in my Goya event post. And I was a little thinner at that time so when I did a third fitting in Beverly Hills the Friday before the Oscars, guess what, the dress was pretty tight.  So I tried very hard to eat lighter, which was difficult with all the pre Oscar events we had to attend to and all the nice food you find there. But it worked out good the dress fitted perfectly on the day. The Oscar’s red carpet is very early it starts around 2pm so you have to start getting ready quite early with the different parties involved (hair, makeup, fitting, jewelers etc) . I had a light breakfast in order not to faint and because I always do. It’s my favorite meal of the day!

Ramon my favorite make up and hair person already came at 10:30 at 12:30 Pronovias people and their stylist Cristina came and Rabat the jewelry had already sent over the pieces I would wear for the Oscars and the Vanity Fair Party. At 1:30pm half an hour before leaving we also made some pictures for social media Antonio as well. And thank God for my sister the best photographer for all our after social media’s pictures!

Men are much luckier they don’t need make up and need way less time to get ready! 2pm off we go, quite a show going down the lobby into the car with my stylist carrying the tail off my dress because it’s white and we didn’t want to get it dirty especially that it was pouring rain that day. I was also trying to almost not wrinkle my dress in the car. Difficult with a 30 min drive to the theater. I had to be almost laying down in my seat (haha).

At the Oscars.

Press, photo call, red carpet same as always, but always impressive…

My absolute Highlights:

Elton John is always one. Amazing performance!!

Loved to see Renee Zellweger again, she is really funny and sweet and looked stunning. Congratulations again for her Oscar for her fabulous performance in “Judy”.

My most funny anecdotes:

We got fumigated at almost each performance they had on stage. As we were sitting front row with our eye level at stage level, every time they had smoke on stage it came right into our faces so we couldn’t see anything anymore.

No food just alcohol so every time some people left for a break they came back a little tipsier. (;P)

Laura Dern was lovely, Joaquin Phoenix as well, we had already met in Palm Spring for the awards but loved seeing them again.

The Dolby Theater is spectacular and beautiful inside, the ceiling is very special. A lot of history in there.

The show was really entertaining good performances and funny introductions and performances.


After the Oscars,

Off to the after parties. I changed into another dress by Pronovias before going to the Vanity Fair Party. Loved the dress too more shinny sparkly for party.

Lots of food there, which we were looking forward to as we were all famished. Lots of fun too catching up with all the celebrities present at the oscars we were enjoying friends, drinks, dancing, food, photo booth and lots of other fun stuff.


See you soon,



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